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What is This Device Called a Baby Monitor?

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A Baby monitor is an electronic device that allows the parent/s or guardian to check an infant even though they are not in the same room or place inside the house. These are usually consisting of a monitor and receiver/s. It basically captures the sound or image of the baby and sends it to the receivers.


Other monitors have the capability of having two way functions which allows the parent or guardian to interact with their babies. It is pretty useful for parents to look after their babies while they are busy doing household tasks. It saves them more time and at the same time, they can ensure the safety of their child.


Baby monitors are classified into four types:


  1. Audio Monitors


This type of monitor can capture sounds and send it through receiver. You can hear if the baby is crying or the baby needs some immediate attention. It mostly runs on multiple frequencies to avoid signal interference. It also has a low-battery indicator and a volume control to adjust the sound settings.


  1. Video Monitors


As the name suggest, this kind of monitor can capture images as well as sound. These images can be viewed on a TV screen. Some video monitors are equipped with infrared functions so the nursery can still be monitored even when the lights are off.


  1. Sounds-and-Light Monitors


This kind of monitor uses sounds and light to indicate child activity. It uses a special set of LED lights. There are some specific light movements if there is child activity. Also an addition to its fundamental functions, most monitors of this type has an out of range light indicator also.


  1. Intercom Monitors


With the use of this kind of monitor, intercoms are used to transmit the sound from the baby area to different receivers with the press of a single button. This also uses the traditional type of baby monitors used before.


These baby monitors work on two kinds of setup, the wired and wireless connection. Wired connection can provide you stable connection between monitors and receivers. The thing here is, you need to run the wires or cables through the house and there will be some difficulties if you want to carry the receiver anywhere inside the house. Wireless connection may be better because you can take it anywhere but may have issues with signal interruptions from other household appliances. The range of signal may also be a factor.




Many people had misunderstandings about getting best baby monitors. They believed that they could leave the baby alone and still be able monitor them. Parental supervision is still very important. These baby monitors are all electronically powered.


We need to take extra precaution in handling these types of electronics. Avoid having it come into contact with liquids. This may cause damage to your monitor and could cause serious electrical shock. It should not be left in direct sunlight or places with extreme heat.


It may also affect the circuits inside. Try reading the user manual just to make sure that you are setting the monitors right. And most importantly, please keep the monitor out of the children reach.


If you are now thinking of getting a baby monitor, here is some helpful advice for you to consider. You can start by choosing the type of baby monitor you want to get and that will fit your needs. Also give consideration as to how you would set it up inside your home.


Do you want to carry the receiver around inside your house, or just setup several receivers all over the house? You can seek advice from friends and relatives who are already using baby monitors or search the internet and check what brand and model of baby monitors are highly recommended.


Test the baby monitor while inside the store before purchasing it. Check if everything is working properly. Check if it has adjustments for volume and a signal range that is acceptable.


It would also be much better if the store offers a decent warranty on the product. You need to make sure that you will be getting all you need regardless of the price as long as you can use it to keep our children safe.

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